Lincoln Brewster "Lincoln Brewster" (1999) -CCM-

Label : Vertical Music

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - He's All I Need (Lincoln Brewster)
02 - Everybody Praise The Lord (Lincoln Brewster)
03 - Hey God (Lincoln Brewster & Daniel Rhinehart)
04 - What Kind Of Man (Lincoln Brewster)
05 - Can't Deny (Lincoln Brewster)
06 - Spin (Lincoln Brewster)
07 - Shine (Lincoln Brewster)
08 - On My Way (Lincoln Brewster)
09 - Broken (Lincoln Brewster)
10 - Walk On (Lincoln Brewster)

Lincoln Brewster & Paul Mills
Executive Producer
Don Moen & Chris Thomason
Lincoln Brewster : Guitars, Mandolin & Keyboard
'Q' : Drums & Percussion
Craig Young : Bass
Blair Masters : B3 Organ & Keyboard
Jimmie Lee Sloas : Bass on "Hey God" & "Walk On"
Lincoln Brewster : Bass on "What Kind Of Man"
Raymond Boyd : Percussion
Paul Mills : Keyboard
Lead & Background vocals : Lincoln Brewster
Gang Vocals on "Everybody Praise The Lord" & "Spin" (In alphabetical order) : Lincoln Brewster, Darrel Corew, David DeMarco & C.J. Hattlevig
Tracks Recorded by Paul Mills at Sunset Blvd. Studio, Franklin, TN & Phatt Farm, Franklin, TN
Assisted by Jeff Pitzer, Steve Dady & Craig Young
Pro Tools Tracking Engineer : Matt Damico
Overdubs Recorded by Paul Mills & Lincoln Brewster at RTC Studio, Franklin, TN
Assisted by Josh Armstrong
Linc's House, Nashville, TN & Linc's Apartment, Modesto, CA
Assisted by Linc's wife, Laura
Mixed by Lincoln Brewster & Paul Mills at RTC Studio, Franklin, TN
Mastered by Hank Williams at MasterMix, Nashville, TN
Production Assistants : Jeff Pitzer, Tim Marshall & Monica Visser